Air to Air -

Air to Air

Aviation photos – of planes and helicopters in the air – that is what we want to do.

And that is as well our passion. This way of photography is the top-end of aviation photography and requires a lot of experience – from the pilots and the photographers. Special manoeuvers to balance airplanes, light and background require a high level of concentration, focus and discipline from all involved people.

The photos we do during such events are used for various purposes – advertising, reports or documentation of specific events.

We will never forget our first join-up in the air with the Super Constellation of Breitling above the Salzkammergut, a lovely mountainous area in Austria. During the years we developed ourselves according to our challenges, but the passion is the same as during the first flight.

For further details about our Air2Air projects please check our reports and picture pages or contact us through our contact page.

Für weitere Informationen über unsere Air-to-Air Projekte beachten Sie bitte unsere Reports und Picture-Seiten oder kontaktieren Sie uns über das Kontaktformular der Homepage.

For more information about our air to air photo work please take a look at our gallerys or contact us via our contact form.