Air to Air refueling during Joint Warrior 2015 @ -

Joint Warrior is a UK tri-Service multinational exercise that involves numerous warships, aircraft, marines and troops. It is the largest military exercise in Europe and the target is to bring all three Services of many different nations together.

Germany participated with an Airbus A310-300 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) of Special Air Mission Wing MOD, based at Cologne-Wahn, and 6 Tornado ECR of Tactical Squadron 51, based at Schleswig-Jagel.

On that day, 4 Tornados where scheduled to refuel on our tanker near the coastline of Schottland at an altitude of 13000 feet. The Tornados arrived in 2 ship-formations. The first 2 joined from the left and connected simultaneously on both booms. Every aircraft received about 3000kg of fuel during their 6 minutes connecting time. After they disconnected both showed up on the right wing to leave the formation. The same procedure was used by the second 2 ship formation of the former Lechfeld based ECR Tornados.

In total the tanker splashed out about 12.400kg of fuel as we turned to the south back to Cologne.

Tom Ziegler October 2015