Fighters@Memmingen @ Aviation-media / air2aircrew -

The traditional Fighter Bomber Squadron 34 „Allgäu“ (Traditionsgemeinschaft Jagdbombergeschwader 34 Allgäu) based at Memmingen Airport, former Memmingerberg Air Base has a very nice collection of former German Air Force fighters in a condition. We had the great opportunity to set up a photoshooting in the nice evening sun.

First there is a former East German Air Force MiG-21UM Fishbed in their original colorscheme. The next one is a Fiat G.91R/3 Gina of the Fighter Bomber Squadron 49 in Fürstenfeldbruck (Jagendbombergeschwader 49). One of the well preserved Thunderstreak of the German Air Force, Republic F-84F of JaboG 34. The colorful Panavia Tornado IDS in their „Last Call“ paint scheme in 2003. And last but not least the green camouflage Lockheed F-104G Starfighter.

Tom Ziegler 2015