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2015`s Red Flag series of exercise was kicked off at Nellis AFB, Nevada on January the 26th.

It was the first out of four exercises during the 40th anniversary of the Red Flag.

Around 120 aircraft were based at Nellis for this three-week exercise. 29 missions were planned within this three weeks. One in the early afternoon and one in the evening.

Forces are divided in Red Air (hostile) and Blue Air (friendly). Red Air were flown by F15 and F16 of the 64th Aggressor Squadron of Nellis Air Force Base. The Aggressor aircraft are painted in colorful camouflage to represent the hostile forces. It was the next to last Red Flag with the F15 Aggressors before their retirement in the beginning of march.

The action took place over the Nevada Test and Training Range between Tonopah and Las Vegas, the largest contiguous air and ground space available for peacetime military operations in the free world.

Red Flag 2015-1 included units of US Air Force, Navy, Marine and Air National Guard and also units of the Royal Air Force (Eurofighter Typhoon, Sentinel) and the Royal Australian Air Force (P3 and Hercules). Also in the air were two B-2 of the 393rd Bomb Squadron - based at Whiteman AFB/Missouri.

Special Thanks to the USAF 99th ABW PA MSgt. David Miller and the PA Team.

Alexander Schwarz, June 2015