MFI DC3 air to air @ -

The task of Missisionary Flights International is already included in their name - evangelization of the Caribbean areas from the south of the United States. The company was founded by Reverent Don H. Beldin in 1964 home based in Florida.

Starting with small single-engined aircraft to the transport the people and their beliefs the company later changed to DC-3s as perfectly suited airplanes which allowed to transport as well larger freights to unpaved airstrips in the islands. Till today Missionary Flights International uses DC-3s, although the last one with piston engines was sold in 2015 to Alaska. Today only turboprop versions with two PT6 engines are in use.

Currently it is planned to purchase a third aircraft from South Africa. For support there is as well a Cessna 310 within the small fleet. Overall not bad considering that all operations are paid by donations.

During a visit on their home base in Ft. Pierce in March 2016 I was impressed by the professional way of working on the Ground and in the air.

Diemtar Schreiber, July 2016