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Flabob, a small airfield to the east of Los Angeles close to Riverside evolved to a DC-3 hotspot for three days in May this year. The airfield with a long history dating from 1925 supports today activities from General Aviation to maintenance and painting of DC-3s and Beech 18s. Flabob Express, a company using DC-3s, has their homebase here and the Tom Wathen Center aims to explain aviation in all its varieties to the youth.

From May 19thtill 21stthe first Flabob DC-3 Fly-In took place. As usual on such events all depends on the motivation of the owners and the technical situation of the classic aircraft. Although several announced aircraft didn’t show up overall 10 Syktrains / Dakotas could be admired.

The team organising the event tried its best to provide the photographers arriving from all over the world the best photo opportunities possible. It was recognisable that the organisation team understood the positive effect of many spotters reporting in a positive way about such an event. Thus photographers could drive with open trucks very close to the active runway or at the runway ends.

The basic idea of the event was to allow the visitors to get as close as possible to the classic aircraft. Without any barriers everyone could check the aircraft from inside and outside. The crowds accepted as well very positively the possibility for sightseeing flights and thus many take-offs, landings and as well low passes by DC-3s could be seen. The highest number of sightseeing flights was performed by the Douglas C41A N341A. The aircraft, in use with Golden Age Air Tours, even provides air condition.

Overall a very nice event which will attract even more Skytrains / Dakotas and their fans if repeated.

Dietmar Schreiber, July 2017

Ein besonderes Erlebnis war der Sunset Flight mit der Douglas C41A N341A!