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Munich Security Conference 2022

The 2022 edition of the Munich Security Conference took place from February 18th till 20th – in the last days before the start of the war in Ukraine. Due to this very close proximity – and the situation around Ukraine being one of the main topics – this conference will always be associated with this war in Eastern Europe.

Due to the pandemic situation in February, the overall number of participants was reduced to ensure health and safety with regards to COVID19. These measures allowed at least, that the conference takes place at all – in the previous year 2021 no conference with physical presence was scheduled due to the pandemic.

Reflecting the overall political situation, the governmental aircrafts during the conference came from many countries around the world, with the most notably but logical absence being Russia. As our interest on this page is aviation, please find hereafter an overview regarding the participants from an aeronautical point of view.

Being present with a governmental aircraft for the first time, the Australian Government sent their Boeing B737 BBJ, which was for many aviation enthusiasts one of the main objectives to photograph during the event. Another first visit was the Airbus A321Neo operated by Titan Airways on behalf of the British Government, and the Antonov An-148 from Ukraine.

In contrast, several other visitors can be considered as “regular”. Among these you have to count United States of America governmental Boeing B757-200s and B737-700s, better known with their military designations C-32A and C-40B/C, likewise can be said for visitors from European countries like the B737BBJ from the Netherlands, an A319 from Albania, a Challenger from Georgia or a Learjet from Ireland. Less obvious but still operated as governmental jet, Qatar detached an Airbus A320.

Germany as hosting country sent various aircraft, the largest being an A319, whereas other countries used smaller aircraft or even business jets. Examples are an Embraer 175 from Poland, an Embraer 135 from Greece, a Bombardier Challenger from Canada, Falcons 900 or 2000 from Iran, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria or different Gulfstreams as operated by Qatar (G650) or Turkey (G550). Among the smallest visitors were a Cessna Citation from the US Army (military designation UC-35A) and a Socata TBM-700 from the French Air Force. Furthermore, additional visitors arrived with civil business jets, ranging up to aircraft to the size of Airbus A320s.

As expectable, the weather during the 2022 edition of the Security Conference was not always good, and as furthermore many visitors arrived and left during the night, photos were not always possible. Anyhow, the Munich Security Conference will remain a fixed calendar item for the aviation enthusiasts in Munich and beyond, as it is one of the few fixed and scheduled events allowing you to photograph governmental aircraft. Looking ahead on the MSC 20223, which is scheduled from February 17th to 19th, we hope for good weather and many interesting participants.